Interesting Mirror Ideas for your Bathroom

Bathroom designs are many, but if have already finalized a layout and you are interested in mirror décor, it will add a stylistic look to your outlook. This does not mean that you cannot remodel the house; mirrors can be used for renovation, repairing of the space in innovative ways. The main point is to add a new dimension and increase the area of the bathroom. In addition, the faux panels can be installed to safeguard the walls of the bathroom from erosion.


In order to create a stunning look, you can use two mirrors in a parallel fashion to underline the area above the sinks. It can act as the vanity mirror, but the duplication will create a different appeal in form of giving a spacious appeal. Some of the homeowners may prefer using multiple mirrors in the bathroom, however, if you want it to look organized; duplicating the mirrors is the best approach.

Unique Style

If you choose an unconventional shape for the bathroom mirror, it is a great way of making a statement; it could be of any size. The main focus is to get something outstanding and vintage shapes are also available to make your space seem unique. It can also be a good substitute of accessories that can make your space look cluttered.

Mix and Match

If you like to try the experimental looks, you can mix and match different sizes and shapes of the bathroom mirrors, however, if you do not color coordinate it with the overall paint or theme, it may not look great. Therefore, it is best to keep all the mirrors on one wall and match it with the main theme.

Hanging Options

Usually people prefer to hang the mirrors, however, if you suspend them with the help of a rope or wire, it can add an interesting dimension to your space. Similarly, there are varieties of materials that can be used for the mirror frames. If you want to change the material of the rope, you can use an industrial vibe or nautical theme. However, it is important that you secure it well so that accidents can be prevented.


It does not matter if you cannot spend a large amount of money on high-quality mirrors; however, if you can illuminate it in a manner that will enhance the atmosphere, it could make up for the missing elements. Moreover, it will fulfill a function of looking in the mirror especially if you want to use it to get ready or to complete your impeccable look. However, make sure that the light is not harsh for your eyes and it is not dim either.

Going Big

Big mirrors are attention grabbing and it can fill the extra space in the bathroom if you want to add less elements. There are many styles and options; however, you should pick the one which will complement the overall décor. For instance, if the overall theme is subtle and you have not added anything big or prominent to your space, going for a large size mirror can complete the look. However, if the design and paint are loud, try not to get the big size mirror.

Traditional Designs

If you like traditional designs, you can add it in form of the mirror frame, however, if the décor of the bathroom space is modern or trendy, it may not create an impression. Hence, the best way is to make the bathroom look traditional and then go for a mirror frame that is traditional to augment your theme. Likewise, oil bronze fixtures go quite well with the traditional frame of mirrors.

Silver Frame

If you want to add shimmer in form of a flowing wave pattern, the silver frame will do just that in addition to giving you the option of making it look classic or coastal. The choice of the supporting décor will define the overall design so pick carefully when you shop for the bathroom features.

Wooden Frames

If you like the tones of the walnut or furniture look, you can get the wooden frame for bathroom mirrors. It will become the main focal point of the space in addition to adding beauty to space.

Trendy Options

Of course, tile design is not directly related to the mirrors in the bathroom, however, if you want the mirror to get prominent, the subway tile inspired designed are made to do that. Moreover, it will create a transformative look of the overall space.

Classic Design

There is a frame called Medi-terra, it has smooth finishing in addition to making your bathroom seem warm and cozy. You can mix it with stone or granite countertops. Gold is another classic option that will add a luxurious feel to the theme. However, it may be high maintenance. Therefore, you will have to make the decision in accordance with your lifestyle.

Customized Options

If you do not like the number of option mentioned above, you can go for the customized options. It may be expensive but it is likely to meet the expectations in terms of making the design look great. There are some of the options that may require you to assemble them first, once you are done with it, you will have to press it onto the wall as it has a pre-tape frame. Some of the mirrors come with cover clips, if you want the edges of the mirror frame to be smooth, you can get the high-quality materials.

Light Shades

If you like light tones of the colors, you can get the frame in those colors or you could paint them yourself if it is hard to find the perfect tones. The flat-panel cabinet will enhance the beauty of this mirror frame in addition to creating the soft appearance.

Luxe Effect

Even though one vanity mirror is preferred by the majority, however, if you double it, it can make it easy for you to share it with the partner, as one vanity mirror is not enough for the couples living together. If you want to make the symmetry perfect, get the measurements of the mirrors right and make sure that it is coordinated. Similarly, brown walls with this design of mirror is recommended.

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